Webseries Production Update #1

Dale shooting intro bits along the Mighty Gowanee.

Folks – thanks to all who donated via our Kickstarter campaign for our new web series, Spending Time With…. This weekend was a busy one for Dale and the talented production crew. Dale met up with Chris Gethard and Sasheer Zamata (apologies for getting your last name wrong, Sasheer!) and had an absolutely amazing time of it. Chris drove Dale to visit some hidden gems in the wilds of suburban New Jersey. Sasheer convinced Dale to get into a spinning metal hoop in Williamsburg. Thanks to Maddy Hoak, our fearless aerial instructor and to our guests for being such good sports and for sharing such good stories. A special thanks also goes out to Julie Miller and the fantastic production team.

We’ve seen some of the footage here at Dale HQ – and it looks great. Stay tuned for more updates and info about when this will be released to the public!

Now how do we get a Dale float in that Macy’s parade?

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