Dale Radio Summer Bonus: Marie Lorenz & Jenny Harder (On a Boat)

Marie, Jenny, and Dale being safe and looking sharp.

Dale rows his way down the mighty Gowanee, with his seafaring guests, Marie Lorenz and Jenny Harder. Marie’s ongoing project Tide and Current Taxis takes her to all manner of beautiful spots, the Gowanus Canal being among the most breathtaking. Literally. Jenny is an actor and comedic performer who also happens to have her own vaudeville show in the works, called Bathtub Jen. In this episode, Jenny fulfills a lifelong dream of playing a trumpet near an oil retention barge.

You can read up on both of these fine people at their respective websites, MarieLorenz.com and JenniferHarder.com.

For the non-enhanced version of this episode, click here. As usual, you can also play in its full glory below or on iTunes. Stay tuned for more Dale goodies all summer long! (And yeah, we know it looks like Dale’s up to no good in this photo, but trust us, he was just hiding his mic behind Jenny. Not interviewing Jenny’s behind.)

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