Dale Radio Season 4: Hannah Bos

Hannah enjoys summertime on her porch.

Dale steams his glasses (and his person) in this sweltering interview with actor, Hannah Bos in which they discuss stoop ponies, romantic lobster rides, building your own basement bar, island villages for Mennonite munchkins, and what to do with reams of Obie paper.

Grab something cool and listen in. Dale looks forward to receiving your product samples in the mail. For more on Hannah visit www.hannahbos.com. For more on that fine deodorant Dale keeps going on about, visit Soapwalla Kitchen. Oh, and act now to support Hannah and The Debate Society’s Kickstarter project.

Folks, we hope you’ll come by the FREE Season Finale live taping on Thursday, June 28th. In addition to Nao Bustamante and Mike Crane and Ellia Bisker, two new guests have joined the lineup. Though sad to lose Kelly Hudson to a scheduling snafu, Dale is immensely happy to be sitting down with storyteller and writer Kerri Doherty and comedian Jena Friedman!!

And if that weren’t enough…at the live taping Dale will reveal plans for a special super secret Dale Radio event! OH MY GOODNESS!!

You can either listen below, on itunes, or click here to hear it on Soundcloud.

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