Bad Advice and Channeling the Spirits

Terrific shot of Dale's spirit drawing by Jim R. Moore.

A great time was had by Dale and many good looking audience members at the recent Super Fun Superfund Variety Show. For a good overview of the evening, check out Jim R. Moore’s Anytime he can share the stage and dole out terrible advice with rock n’ roll ventriloquists, hip hop magicians, and hey…Dale needs to add some kind of music-inspired signifier – it’s all the rage! Thanks to the Biskers, Josh and Ellia, and everyone who came out for this special night. Dale is thrilled to see so many people joining the Family of Enthusiasts on Facebook. Like away, kids, like away! And thanks to the performers who inspired Dale to learn to do more tricks with his balls and invest in a pair of breakaway trousers! Hot tip for you book readers, be sure and grab a copy of the great Chris Gethard’s newest book, A Bad Idea I’m About to Do, available now!

And this week, it’s back to the subterranean lair of Film Biz, for another live taping of the podcast, Thursday, April 26th at 8pm. Bar and doors open at 7:30. We need a good crowd to turnout, because a) we have amazing guests and b) we’re going to shoot this one for a little web pilot. So wear nice slacks and press your shirts! Beers courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery! See you there.

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