Dale Is About to Have Some Super Fun!

Dale gets in good with the kids at Film Biz. Photo by Sean McCormack.

Well…Dale sure had himself a great time at the last podcast, and here at Dale Radio HQ, we’re happy to announce that for the foreseeable future, live tapings of the show are going to be held at Film Biz Recycling. Dale always tells the young people who seek him out, “Stick with it. Unless you can’t do it anymore, then try something else.” And so, Dale’s jumping into this new situation with all his might and doing what he can to make a go of it.

So if Film Biz calls with an event idea, Dale’s in! He’s thrilled to be a part of the next outrageously fantastic, Super Fun Superfund Variety Show! Organized by former guest on the podcast, Ellia Bisker (you can hear her episode here), the April 21st event promises to be one for the ages. With a talented line up that includes Chris Gethard, Carla Rhodes and Cecil Sinclair, Rob Lok, Jeff Seal, David Boyd, Sweet Soubrette, Cobra Gold, Adam Kuchler, the Bad Advice Column, and many other good looking people with special skills.

Find out more information over at the Super Fun website and come on out April 21!

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