Season 4, Almost Here

Please let this be the last kickstarter update...

I tell ya, folks, I am getting worn out from all this Kickstarter action. But I shall not waver in the pursuit of delivering another high quality season of Dale Radio to you, the enthusiastic listener. As you can see from this screenshot, we’re only a few days and a few dollars away from our goal. With the new, very appealing video, I’m more confident than ever that the magic number will be reached. Thanks to all who have contributed so far, your dollars are already ensuring the involvement of some top-notch talent for the podcast.

The new take on the theme song, courtesy of Bay Area bassist and all around genius, Lisa Mezzacappa, is outstanding. I asked for a little Jimmy Smith organ work wrapped in an NPR burrito and she delivered. With hot sauce. You’re going to have to have some water nearby to put out those ear fires once this season gets going.

And finally, realizing a dream I’ve long had, artist and Friend of the Program, Christine Shields is creating a new image for the podcast that will be used throughout the Season. Old Dale & the Gowanee as you’ve never seen them before!┬áMy thanks to both Christine and Lisa for helping make this Season stand out before its even begun.

Now, I need to ready my guest lists and prepare the venues for the live shows, which will be announced shortly. I also need to get to work on the 40 or so drawings I need to do of everyone thinking about me, or me thinking about them! Fair warning, some of you may end up as pirates!

More soon! – Dale



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