My God, it’s Full of Stars…

Inspired by the timeless sound of playing air.

People sure love the Dale Radio theme that premiered earlier this year. Composed by the one and only Steve O over at Engine Sound, it never fails to get the heart racing. I love it so much, I thought I’d ask a new band to reinterpret it each podcast season. This time, I gave the keys to a little upstart band in San Francisco, made up of Dana Goldberg and Brad Robertson, who together are The Lesser Half. There’s nothing lesser about them, and in one listen you’ll hear they’ve delivered a gigantic wall of space age gypsy sounds that will make you want to reach for your colorful headscarf and a pair of Sputnik-shaped Martini glasses.

My heartfelt thanks to The Lesser Half. What they lack in a website, they make up for in strangely hypnotic groove.

Be sure to tune in for the Season 3 premiere in one week (!) to hear the new theme and all the rest of the ear burnin’ goodness we’ve got planned!

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