Bachelorette: Blonde or Brunette?

Uh. Mah. Gah. Is it finally here? Have I spent almost 30 hours of my life waiting for this moment? Yes and holy crap, yes! Tonight is the Finale of the #Bachelorette and I couldn’t be more excited. Which lunk will she choose? The handsome, rugged, quiet type from the Cape? (In case you didn’t know, his Mom died. He may mention that again tonight. Drink if he does!) Or the even handsomer dark-haired fella with an aversion to shirts? Whichever she chooses, I’ll be drunk an hour in, and tweeting through my happy tears. But don’t worry. I’m here for the right reasons.

Choose wisely! Age can do wonders to a fella.


  1. oh YOU KNOW my crazy ass will be there. I think I might even wear an evening gown, send it off right!


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