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Entertainer. Chubbier Elvis Costello. Vaguely Canadian...Dale Seever has been called many things. In truth, he's just one man, attempting to make a go of it in the big city. He never turns down a gig and he's always reaching for the silver lining...or a bottle of whiskey.


A basement talk show hosted by a fictitious person, Dale Radio brings together some of the most interesting comedians, musicians, performers, filmmakers, and thinkers for a slightly intoxicated exploration of the creative process.

"Infectious" - The New York Times

"Awesome" - Time Out NY

"Bizarre" - The Village Voice

"Fake but also real but also WEIRD" - Brokelyn

“Do yourself a favor–don’t miss Dale.” -Brooklyn Based

"Brilliant. Reminiscent of Alan Partridge's 1st season on the BBC." - Catie Lazarus, Host of Employee of the Month

Dale Radio has been featured in NYC PodFest, SOLOCOM, Literary Death Match, Real Characters, Gotham Storytelling Festival and SF Sketchfest.


The Latest from Dale HQ

Dale Radio Season 7: Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, Julio Torres, and Cariad Harmon

Dale chips away at the ice hardening around his hopes and dreams in a fantastic live show with comedians Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, and Julio Torres along with singer/songwriter Cariad…

Poster for Spring Shows

Gang, Dale is beyond excited about this poster design we have for the rest of the season. The illustration was done by James Boyle, a talented fella out of Philadelphia….

Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s 2/24 Guests

BRRRRR. Dale’s ready to thaw out with some hot hot comedy in a new Dale Radio Live, direct from The PIT in NYC on Tuesday, February 24th at 8pm. While…

Dale Radio Season 7: Welcome to Flu York

Dale shrinks himself down to a subatomic level to walk among the microbe colonies and viruses of the subway. He imagines what it would be like to journey through time…

Dale Radio Season 7: Live from SF Sketchfest w/ Tom Pizzica, Siouxsie Q, Kelly Anneken, Cliff Hengst and More

Dale falls back into the San Francisco groove with a fantastic live show direct from the 14th Annual SF Sketchfest. Accompanied by the DJing skills of the ghost of Bob…

Dale Radio Season 7: Randi Lawson

Dale convenes a Continental Congress for two in this wide-ranging discussion with designer, writer, and comedian Randi Lawson. Dale and Randi spent an afternoon in Philadelphia talking about making it…

Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s Sketchfest Guests!

San Francisco – OPEN YOUR GOLDEN GATES! Dale’s coming back to you with a huge show as part of the 14th Annual SF Sketchfest!! He’s busy getting his baldspot polished…

Dale Radio Season 7: Max Silvestri, Akilah Hughes, Joel Kim Booster, and Jo Firestone at NYC Podfest

Dale turns to day drinking to make it through another year at the NYC Podfest. This live episode features Dale in conversation with comedy superstars Max Silvestri, Akilah Hughes, Joel…


  • 24
    8PM - NYC with Bridget Everett, Joe Randazzo, Naomi Ekperigin, and Nore Davis!
    The PIT Underground, 123 E. 24th Street


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