Illustration by Jen Hill.


Entertainer. Chubbier Elvis Costello. Vaguely Canadian...Dale Seever has been called many things. In truth, he's just one man, attempting to make a go of it in the big city. He never turns down a gig and he's always reaching for the silver lining...or a bottle of whiskey.


A basement talk show hosted by a fictitious person, Dale Radio brings together some of the most interesting comedians, musicians, performers, filmmakers, and thinkers for a slightly intoxicated exploration of the creative process.

“Do yourself a favor–don’t miss Dale.” -Brooklyn Based

"Your voice is like a shoulder squeeze." - Ilana Glazer, Broad City

"Brilliant." - Catie Lazarus, Host of Employee of the Month

Featured in the 2014 NYC PodFest, 2014 SF Sketchfest, and the 2013 Gotham Storytelling Festival.



The Latest from Dale HQ

Dale Radio Season 6: Mindy Tucker

Dale archives a beautiful evening spent in the company of photographer, Mindy Tucker. For the past six years, Mindy has documented the comedy scene in New York. In doing so,…

Dale Radio Season 6: Night Fliers

Dale clears out the clutter in this solo episode recorded during the Great Tax Day Seder Snowstorm of 2014. Engaged in a bit of personal spring cleaning, Dale talks about…

Dale Radio Season 6: Phoebe Robinson, Livia Scott, Maris Kreizman, and Cocoon Central Dance Team

Dale radiates with wonder and delight in the company of so many talented performers featured on this live episode, recorded April 2nd at The PIT in New York City. Dale…

Video of Dale’s Return to Running Late!

OH MY GOODNESS!! The halls of Littlefield echoed with Dale’s famous catchphrase during his triumphant return to the show he hosted in obscurity from 1991 – 1999. Thanks to Scott…

Dale Radio Season 6: Lauren Maul

Dale disappears into the world of characters developed by his guest, comedian Lauren Maul. Dale and Lauren spend the afternoon eating strange crackers in an art studio in Brooklyn, where…

Dale’s Webseries Featured on Flowboard

Dale loves new technologies. Which is why he built a telephone holder out of old whiskey bottles. That’s also why he’s thrilled to announce his webseries, Spending Time With is…

Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s 4/2 Guests!

Another Dale Radio Live is happening on Weds, April 2nd at 8pm at The PIT in NYC. In order to get up to speed on all of Dale’s wonderful guests,…

Dale Radio Season 6: Alison Leiby & Alyssa Wolff

Dale leans way in during this conversation with comedians and writers Alison Leiby & Alyssa Wolff. The trio discuss useful advice for single ladies, boozy brunch dates, alluring stage personas…

Dale Returns to Running Late March 26th

Some of you folks are aware that from 1991-1999, Dale Seever was the original host of the popular New York talk show, Running Late with Scott Rogowsky. Once they found…

Dale Radio Season 6: Doogie Horner

Dale assumes a lot about a place he’s never really lived, in this conversation with comedian and artist, Doogie Horner. Over some strong black coffee in Sunnyside, Doogie and Dale…


  • 14
    8PM New York, NY - With Dave Hill, Giulia Rozzi, Laura Prangley, and DJ Rekha!
    The PIT Underground
  • 25
    8PM NYC - SEASON FINALE! With Nikki Glaser, Jean Grae, Jessica Delfino, and Streeter Seidell
    The PIT Underground

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